Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Inspired by CFT, #1

Inspired by CFT, #1, 12" x 12"

First in the series. I chose a simple pattern from the many I have sketched in order to experiment with construction methods.


First few pieces will focus on how to construct similar work. Need to figure out best and/or fastest way to create a variety of backgrounds, including how to use fabric with extreme surface texture, overlay lines and use a variety of types of lines.


I selected an image at random from my iPad doodles. Fabric selection was deliberately matchy-matchy because I was more interested in construction than design. Starting with cotton before I branch out to fabrics which are more difficult to handle.


Background fabric fused (using WonderUnder because I have a bolt of the stuff) to white acrylic felt, then stitched. Cotton fused to black wool/rayon felt. Should have added fusible to back of felt but didn't before I cut it. Used Liquid Thread on back of felt. Fused bars down and stitched with a straight stitch (zipper foot, 8.4, 2.2) using Sulky rayon. Faced.


Learned to quickly apply fusible. Liked fusing bars down before stitching, prevented wobble and creep. Will remember to add fusible to bars in the future. 

Loved the #12 Sulky stitching on the big piece of hand-dye. The extra thickness makes a difference.

It intrigues me how often I like a different orientation than the one I had originally sketched.

Seems very safe but it is only the beginning. Must be patient and develop a process and skills.


Try another one to streamline construction. 

Experiment with either heavily textured fabric or ways to bleed background from one area to another.

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