Friday, January 1, 2016

Inspired by CFT, #2

Inspired by CFT, #2 10" x 16"

Inspired by CFT, #2 detail


Second in the series. These first few are just about doing the work. I am determined not to fuss over anything except getting them done.


Another doodle from my iPad. I thought it would a good idea to see if there was a difference when working with diagonals. I decided to include textured fabric to learn about how to apply it to the backing


Commercial cottons, fused to white acrylic felt. Mid-value fabric was textured with free motion quilting in a multicolor thread (King Tut) and the Pellon version of Texture Magic, then basted to the felt background. Bars fused to black acrylic felt and then fused to surface. Stitched with Sulky rayon. Faced.


This went together much more quickly than the first. I am developing a system for transferring my sketches to fabric quickly and precisely (in the event that precision will be needed down the line). I don't like the black acrylic felt quite as much as the wool/rayon - bars don't stand as proud of the surface - but the difference is minor and I'm probably the only one who would notice.

I chose to diminish the width of the bars compared to #1 - background becomes much more important.

The original drawing was done in this orientation. Fabric choices and the resulting suggested imagery can make a big difference to the final choice in terms of how to display these.


I want to experiment with the application of a very heavily textured fabric - one that may seriousl interfere with my ability to stitch through the piece.  I think I will also follow the path of reducing the number of fabrics in the background, probably to one. That might mean that I can increase the width of the bars so the foreground becomes the main player in the composition.

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