Monday, January 25, 2016

Inspired by CFT, #3

Inspired by CFT, #3  12" x 12"

detail Inspired by CFT, #3


I wanted to explore what would happen if the background was as simple as possible - one fabric with some basic straight line stitching.


Doodle from my iPad.


Hand-dyed fabric fused to white acrylic felt. Straight line stitching (horizontal first) with King Tut. Commercial fabric pleated, fused to backing fabric, and fused to background, Bars are hand-dyed fabric fused to black wool felt and fused down. Bars stitched with Sulky rayon thread. Embroidery floss used to pull the pleats open and down.


This went together very quickly. In the end I abandoned the starting image and created a new design. I was glad to take the step of moving away from a per-determined outcome. There is lots I like about the effect of a single background fabric but in the end I don't think it has any power to convey meaning.


I want to explore more interesting methods of creating backgrounds. I will let the background and the 'story' which develops as I work on it define the placement of the bars.

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